Help Rescue Animals After the Earthquake in Turkey

Many animals got injured and are in desperate need of veterinary care and food. Our colleagues of Animal Save Turkey are dedicated to help them.

Our hearts go out to all the people who are injured or lost their homes due to the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and our thoughts are with all those who lost a loved one.

With the many fundraisers existing, we are here to ask for your help for the many (stray) animals that got injured and are in desperate need of veterinary care.

With your donation we can send a mobile vet team to the affected area and cover the costs to transport and feed the animals that no one is looking after.

Your help means a lot to us.

Animal Save Turkey

of which € 17,488 via our GoFundMe fundraiser.

Check the updates about how donations are spent.


About Animal Save Turkey

Animal Save Turkey has many years of experience helping stray animals and has lots of connections with local animal rescue organizations in the affected areas.

As part of Animal Save Movement they have helped animals in need for years. Nilgün, who is coordinating, is a respected member of the Animal Save Movement for a long time and knows where funds are best of use. 

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